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A place to view all the different styles of paving available from a range of manufacturers and types of block paving available. A place to help you choose the style of block paving you would like at your home. This website is a work in progress and we will be constantly adding new and exciting paving projects when we find them.

If you are already know what style of paving you are looking for, make sure to visit the laying your paving page for tips on how to lay your own paving or what you should expect from a paving contractor that you hire to install your paving.

One of the most common types of driveway and patio surfaces is block paving. It offers long term value and provides great durability when used as a driveway or patio. Your Dublin paving is available in multiple sizes, textures and thickness in order to provide customers with the widest use possible.

Paving in Dublin

Block paving is something that you can lay yourself, however, it can be quite daunting and unless you have the right machinery and have some previous experience, you are much better off choosing a paving contractor to help you install it in Dublin.

For example, block paving is commonly available now as a 50mm paving block but previously the most common was 60mm for paving. This was lowered after it became obvious that for a standard driveway, 50mm will withstand much of the traffic.

On driveway areas that are going to have HGV vehicles on it, the most common type of block paving is the 60mm style. It can easily withstand the traffic from an HGV and other vehicles without any worry about your block paving in Dublin becoming damaged by it.

On roadways, the average type of block paving is 80mm. This is not because 60mm can’t withstand the traffic, it’s the constant traffic and shifting that creates problems. The 80mm block pavior due to its extra weight will not shift like the others.

When you are choosing paving for your own driveway, you should try to first narrow down the purpose of it. If it’s a standard driveway, you can save a little money and go with a 50mm block. If you have lorries that will be delivering oil or goods to your home, go with a 60mm. The 80mm block is simply not needed for a driveway.

On your driveway or patio are you might have an inspection chamber (manhole cover), which if you are block paving, you really should replace with a recessed inspection chamber. They allow you to sit the block paving into the cover which stops the inspection chamber standing out on your driveway.

Pick the Style Of Paving To Suit You

Another factor to consider when you are having block paving laid at your home in Dublin, is what type of border and any paving features you want to insert on your driveway. A border is required on every block paving job to allow the paving to be cut cleanly. Without a border there is no edge to cut the block paving into.

Generally, you should use a different colour for your border as it will make the paving stand out and enhance the pattern of it. It is normally laid in a stretcher bond around the entire area. Any paving patterns you are inserting on the driveway should be done with a matching colour so it has come colour coordination.

If you are looking for someone to directly help you with installing a new driveway or patio area, you can contact us