Soakaway Drainage

An important factor on any driveway or patio installation is your surface water. Directing it is important but what you do with it once it gets to where you send it, matters as well. If you can safely pipe it into existing drainage that’s fine. What do you do though if you can’t? Well, we would recommend installing a soak-away pit.



You can install a soak-away pit simply by digging a large sized hole that is at least 1.5 meters deep. However it can vary depending on the amount of surface water expected and the type of base you find once you start digging. Ideally, it will be a porous base which will allow the water to drain naturally. The hole itself will have a pipe connected into it to allow the water into it. This should be buried slightly into it. We recommend coarse aggregate to be back filled into it to allow easy drainage of the water.


You can also opt to buy a soak-away create. This will be placed in the hole and filled with a gravel stone. The top layers of the soak-away should be a finer stone which will be heavily compacted to ensure a firm finish to the pit. Once it is in, it should not be noticeable. This allows water to drain into it and safely away.

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