Colour Range From Kilsaran

Here are some examples of the colour range available from the Slane range from Kilsaran. We picked this range because it offers the most standard colours and is generally available on most of the paving ranges. However some might not have all the colours or other ranges might have an extra colour or two. We suggest again, to always make sure to see a real sample of the paving because the picture quality vs the real thing in your hand can look quite different. Always take into consideration the effect of a large area with a colour as some of these blocks have multiple shades of colours in them. Always make sure to draw from multiple packs to ensure an even spread of colour across your driveway or patio as blocks are made in batches and might shade differently.


If you would like to know more about the Slane range from Kilsaran or talk to them, head on over to their website at >>>

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