Paving Drains

Installing drainage on your driveway area is vital to ensuring a long term and durable driveway. No-one wants water pooling on their driveway or even worst, flowing into their garage or house. A skilled paving contractor will assess your driveway or patio before installing the paving and inform you of your drainage requirements. If the surface water can be directed onto the road, they will generally not install drainage. However if the falls required are not available or the slope of your driveway tilts towards your house, they should install drainage and set the levels of the driveway to fall towards the drains. Even a slight fall is not enough to guarantee water drains safely away. Ensure the fall is more than adequate to drain water away fast.

We recommend choosing Aco drains. They are a drainage channel that can be joined together to stretch as far as required. A pipe is connected into the base of the channel and the water is taken away either to your existing drains or to a soak away pit. They are generally all built the same way but can vary in depth depending on the amount of surface water that might flow into them and you can opt for a plastic or metal grill on the top.

That grill on the top makes it very easy to give them a clean once in a while as aggregate, leafs and dirt will built up in them after a period of time. Always give them a clean once or twice a year depending on the build up. Simply pop off the grill and scoop out the dirt inside.

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