Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is block paving that is designed to be flooded with water. It will allow the water to pass through the sub base and into the base of the driveway where it can soak away safely. With this type of paving, you do not have to worry about drainage. The cost of permeable paving itself is slightly more expensive than standard paving. The real expense comes in the preparation of the driveway.

You need to install a proper permeable base and a new sub base. The sub base is generally a coarse stone which will allow water through but is dense enough to not get flushed away. With standard paving sub bases, sand or grit is used, which will flood away with heavy water. The base itself is split into two sections. The top end of the base is normally a hardcore granular base and the rest of the base is made up of a porous stone which is larger and denser in size. This allows the water to soak easily through while providing a solid base that the driveway can be used upon.


Finished permeable paving on driveway

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