Paving Diamonds Or Shapes in Paving

You can choose to have a variety of shapes installed into your paving as a contrast to your block paving surface. There is custom made options where you will install your own shape or pattern, diamond patterns or you can choose to buy a circle shape from the manufacturers that is already designed to slot right into your paving. Both Tobermore and Kilsaran make circle patterns that can be installed into your driveway. They provide multiple styles and textures on this shape to allow it to suit nearly all types of block paving.

If you choose a custom pattern, your paving contractor can lay it out for you before its installed, it will help you choose the area you want it in, the size of it and if you like the custom shape. This normally is a 2o minute job and we would recommend it before just blindly agreeing on a pattern and letting them put it in before you have a chance to see it.

Some people opt for standard diamonds or squares, however depending on the skill of your paving contractor, you can opt for a more tailored pattern. Leafs, initials and intricate patterns can be installed and cut in to blend seamless with the block paving.

Laying a pattern requires no extra work outside the installation of it. It can be laid directly onto the same sub base of your paving which means any extra cost associated with it comes from the extra time involved in installing it and if its a pre-made pattern, the cost of buying it from Tobermore or Kilsaran.

Here are some examples of the various paving patterns you can install on a driveway or patio area including some from Tobermore and Kilsaran.

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