Block Paving Steps

Block paving steps are a great addon feature to any driveway or patio area. They are generally built using either a heavy set block or a key kerb. The inside of a paving step is finished normally with the same blocks on the driveway or patio area. Shape wise, it can be square, rounded or in a semi moon style.

The step itself should be built in two stages. The first stage is constructing the shape and exterior of it. Benching either the kerbs or the blocks in a concrete to make sure they don’t move. Sometimes steps are built into the paving itself where the existing driveway will hold them in place. We do not recommend this as it will shift over time. Insist your step is built independently on it’s own. Bench the structure in concrete and let it go off.

Sometimes the procedure is rushed where they will build the step and fill it in the same day before the concrete has hardened. This can later lead to movement again. Once the concrete has hardened, you can back fill the step and install the new paving into it. If its a circular step, there will be gaps in the outside. These need to be either pointed (preferably in a colour mortar to match the kerb) or each kerb can be cut to shape the step.

You can choose to have multiple steps inside each other but again, if its a multi tier step, we recommend using mortar bricks or kerbs as the holding structure. Otherwise it again can lead to movement down the road on your step which you do not want. What matters most on multi tier steps is a strong concrete bed at each level, a solid restraint like a kerb that is bedded deeply in concrete and allowing the structure to harden before filling it in.


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