Different Types Of Paving Borders

When you opt for block paving on your driveway or patio area, you have a large choice over what type of border you want installed on your driveway. A border is needed for a driveway or patio to box it off. This allows you to cut the paving into the border to provide a neat finish. Without a border, it will not look or have the same stability it would otherwise.

Another factor to consider with a border is the benching of the border. Borders should be set in concrete. This stops the border moving outwards and causing the paving to shift. Always make sure the outside border is locked solid in place. Especially with vehicular traffic that might cross over it.

We have picked some different types of borders here that you can install along with your paving. Often the border colour is a contrast to the inside paving to help set it off a little in colour. For example a light coloured driveway or patio, would often have a strong colour for a border to lift the colour on the inside. A strongly coloured inside block will often have a lightly coloured border. You can choose standard paving blocks as a border or you can use granite / cobble sets for a border. Make sure to see examples of a border installation before you commit to choosing one or the other.


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