Kerb Blocks

Block key kerbs are are a form of edging that is installed when you want a clean defined edge against your driveway or patio. You can choose to elevate the kerbing to allow a raised bed against it or you can seat the kerbing down lower to give just a slight raised edge against your paving. Key kerbs should always be installed before any of the paving is installed. They should be benched solidly into a concrete bed and set off a string line level. They can be curved or laid in a straight line depending on how you want your boundary shaped.

They come available in different colours although charcoal is the most commonly used colour. They are available to match different styles of paving. A smooth kerb is available to match your standard paving like Slane paving or if you having Lismore or Tegula installed, you can opt for a tumbled kerb which has been roughened up and is a bit coarser.

You can also choose to have standard concrete edging installed alongside your driveway as well. If you choose standard concrete edging, we still recommend installing this beforehand and setting it off a string line in a concrete bed.

Here are some examples from Tobermore and Kilsaran on the types of block edging available. Visit Tobermore here >>> and Kilsaran here >>>


Again all these kerbs are available in different colours and sometimes different textures. If you like a style of a kerb but do not like the colour, We recommend calling them and asking them about the variety of colours available.

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